cover of Pigeon and Pigeonette Pigeon and Pigeonette - written by Dirk Derom - illustrated by Sarah Verroken Buy Pigeon and Pigeonette on Amazon

Feeling Sad - written and illustrated by Sarah Verroken

cover Feeling Sad Feeling Sad - written and illustrated by Sarah Verroken Buy Feeling Sad on Amazon

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Pigeon_coverPigeon and Pigeonette is a book about the friendship that develops between a large blind pigeon and a little pigeon whose wings are too small to carry her. Left behind for the winter by the other birds, the two pigeons throw in their lots together, sharing stories and dreams while combining forces in their attempt to conquer flight.

A delightful story about a beautiful friendship, Pigeon and Pigeonette is also about trial and error, believing in yourself, falling out of huge trees again and again, and never giving up.

In other words, it's about the two coolest pigeons in the entire universe.

photo_pigeonPigeon is a very very strong bird, with big wings. So you would think he would be superb at flying, right? Well, he would if he could see! Unfortunately, Pigeon is blind. But maybe Pigeonette can help him?

Did you know that Pigeon has family living abroad? No? Well, he does have family in New Zealand, which is a beautfull country down under. It's absolutely packed with plenty of birds twittering your head off!

woodpigeonSo if you see a pigeon who looks like this 'New Zealand Woodpigeon', then it might just be a distant cousin of our hero!

photo_pigeonettePigeonette is a little cunning bird. She's got loads of energy, and twitters all day long. Pigeonette is very smart, with eyes sharp as an eagle but very short wings.

Those little wings can carry her no further than a foot. Just like Pigeon, she can't fly on her own. But wait, maybe Pigeon can help her to fly.

photo_sarah Sarah Verroken was born in Belgium (1982) and has a Master’s degree in visual arts/illustration. After completing her studies she joined Dirk in New Zealand, where she works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.

Her biggest source of inspiration is nature and more specifically for this book the New Zealand Pigeon: the biggest, clumsiest pigeon one can imagine. And with a little more imagination, it might even wear a white sleeveless shirt!

Sarah’s first book, Feeling Sad, about a sad little duck trying to find a way to feel better, has also been published by Enchanted Lion Books.

If you want to see more of her work, please visit her website or her blog.

photo_dirkDirk Derom was born in Belgium in 1980. After graduating as a social worker and as a Master in philosophy, he left for Wellington, New Zealand, where he currently works as a postgraduate in neuropsychology.

Sometimes he tries to escape the tunnels of science and wanders off, trying to reshape reality through words.


We would like to thank the following people, without whom it wouldn't have been possible to create this website nor the book:

  • Enchanted Lion Books
  • Ellen van de Gaer, David Verroken and Jacob Verroken for their recommendations
  • The Joomla community bringing a solid CMS to the open source community
  • Michael James Williams for his great tutorials
  • Jan Van Wassenhove for all the help and advice
  • Firmin for passing through his knowledge about pigeons
  • Our parents
  • The New Zealand Woodpigeon for inspiring us!
  • And everyone else who has supported us
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